Dental Care

Dental care is one of the most important health issues that can impact your pet. Studies have shown that 85% of pets have some form of Periodontal Disease by age three. Periodontal Disease is inflammation of tissues around the tooth and if left unattended, may result in pain and subsequent tooth loss.

Severe Periodontal Disease is not only detrimental to the teeth, but could adversely effect internal organs and potentially shorten your pet's life. Plaque build-up and Gingivitis are reversible, but bone loss around the tooth is not. To safeguard your pet's dental health, we recommend annual oral exams and consultations with our doctors.

A typical dental cleaning requires gas anesthesia, at which time the veterinary technician will monitor vital signs, reevaluate periodontal problems with the veterinarian, and then scale and polish the teeth. If tooth abnormalities are found, a dental x-ray will be performed to determine if extraction is necessary. Most pets with extractions will go home with antibiotics and medications that mitigate post operative pain. We do our best to tailor anesthesia so your pet walks out of the clinic the same day and is eating normally the next morning. If you have any concerns regarding the pros or cons of our dentistry procedures, please consult with our staff so we can give this important health related option the attention it deserves.