Laser Therapy and Alternative Care

Laser therapy offers a non-invasive, pain-free treatment modality for many debilitating issues your pet will face in its lifetime. It reduces the discomfort of many musculoskeletal and dermatologic disorders and is used routinely to minimize post-surgical pain. Laser therapy offers a viable alternative to many adjunct surgeries and a cost-effective intervention for geriatric conditions.

The process uses non-thermal rays of light to stimulate injured cells increasing their metabolism, which helps wounds and surgical incisions heal more quickly. Laser therapy also promotes more effective circulation to surrounding tissues. This more efficient delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to affected areas helps reduce inflammation and associated pain allowing many arthritic pets to move freely again.

The clinic offers other complementary treatments that may speed healing and potentiate the effects of many prescription medications.

For further information please consult with our doctors or staff at your pet's next exam.