Our Services

PVPH is a full-service treatment center for all your pets' needs. We provide emergency exams where timing is critical and extended wellness exams for owners that have many pet-health questions. Our goal is to provide proper vaccinations, dietary counseling, diagnostic testing and preventive medicines to promote better health and longevity for your pet. In more complex surgical and medical cases, we use experience and technology to explain treatment options in terms clients can understand and afford.

An annual wellness exam is the most important step to ensure superior health as your pet passes through all phases of their life. We tailor our physical exams and diagnostic tests to spot slow, insidious changes which, if left unnoticed, can escalate into serious problems. We use the same philosophy when managing obvious medical symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhea. We encourage clients to be proactive and not allow simple problems become medical emergencies.

Remember that we offer house calls and transport for pets that simply do better at home, or for clients that cannot transport their pet easily. Many clients have taken advantage of at-home euthanasia and find there is no better place than home to cope with the difficult task of losing their beloved pet.