At Prairie Village Pet Hospital we provide comprehensive soft tissue and orthopedic surgical services including ligament repairs, removal of cancerous masses or infected organs and retrieval of gastrointestinal foreign bodies. If your pet requires more advanced surgeries, we work with boarded surgical specialists who provide quality in-house surgical care and after hours hospitals that will provide overnight support if needed.

To perform a surgical procedure your pet will be placed under gas anesthesia using the latest combination of techniques tailored to meet your pet's needs. An endotracheal tube is placed to facilitate the administration of gas anesthesia. While anesthetized, an EKG, blood pressure and other vital information will be monitored so we can react quickly and effectively to problems some pets have while under anesthesia.

Pain management is an important component of anesthesia for any surgical procedure. Pain relief plans may include injectable, localized or oral medications depending on the procedure or health of your pet. To be certain your pet will respond well to anesthesia, we recommend pre-anesthetic blood screens. These blood tests screen organs that metabolize anesthetic agents, to make sure they are functioning properly and predictable anesthetic recoveries occur. At Prairie Village Pet Hospital we do our best to provide surgical outcomes that exceed our client's expectations.