Wellness Care

Wellness Care includes physical exams, medications and procedures that identify existing or potential health problems in your pet. Most pets should have a physical each year. Geriatric patients benefit from physicals every six months.

Blood tests are an integral part of wellness exams, especially in aging animals, in which changes in organ-function reveal themselves in tests before problems emerge clinically. In a blood chemistry panel, our lab commonly checks for diabetes, thyroid, kidney and liver disease. Another test that we commonly perform is a heartworm blood test. Heartworm disease requires a vector, the mosquito, to bite and absorb larvae in a blood-meal, then spread the parasite to your pet and other pets in your neighborhood.

Administration of preventative heartworm medications are the most effective way to prevent larval stages of the heartworm from migrating into heart and lung tissues, where adult parasites may cause devastating heart and respiratory problems in dogs and cats. We check heartworm antigens every year to be certain your heartworm preventatives are working. As a perk, some heartworm preventatives also attack roundworms and hookworms for optimal impact.

PVPH recommends that clients check pets for intestinal parasites annually. We check stool specimens for intestinal worm larvae and eggs that can be passed to other pets or family members.

Vaccinations are ever-changing as new diseases emerge and technologies develop. When planning a vaccination protocol for your best friends, we look at your pets' age and lifestyle and the prevalence of the disease in your area. Our manufacturers provide the safest, most effective vaccines on the market. Different communities and boarding kennels require different vaccination protocols, too; so we review these with you, and provide the customized protection your pet needs.

Equally critical are flea-and-tick preventatives, prescription foods, and nutritional supplements. We offer competitive pricing on these preparations and manufacturer-promotions. We also provide manufacturer's, money-back guarantees for many medications and prescription foods, in our continuing effort to do what's best for your pet.