House Calls and Pet Euthanasia

House calls are especially attractive for pets that dislike clinic visits, clients with time constraints or those with disabilities that impede transportation.

One of the most common requests we receive is at-home euthanasia. As part of this service, staff will also transport deceased pets to the clinic for cremation. A sensitive time for pets and their families, the quiet and familiarity of home may be worth the added expense of an at-home doctor and veterinary technician to support you at a time of loss.

Most house calls occur in the early morning or later evening, Monday through Friday. When calling to schedule a house call appointment it is best to have a few different times in mind that would work for you.

If your pet is in critical condition, we will provide emergency pet transport. Our goal at PVPH is to exceed client expectations, If you have any questions about transport, please call so we can provide more information about this beneficial service.