Payment Options

Payment Options

We require payment of services on the date of service unless informed otherwise by clinic staff. PVPH accepts most major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, and personal checks from established clients.

If you incur a large veterinary expense because of an unexpected pet illness or injury, we may extend short-term loans through Care Credit, Inc., a reputable veterinary credit management company.

If you want to provide the best medical and surgical options for your pet, veterinary pet insurance can be beneficial. If you’re interested in learning more about insurance, our staff would be happy to provide enrollment materials to pet insurance companies we commonly recommend.

Insurance claims are processed by the client, not the clinic. It’s one reason why pet insurance companies can provide this efficient and affordable pet health option.

Just like humans, pets can encounter unexpected health challenges, and that’s where pet insurance comes to the rescue. Compare pet insurance options easily with Pawlicy Advisor.
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Rewards and Discounts

Referral Rewards
Each time an existing client refers a new client to our practice for a physical exam, they will receive a $10 credit to their PVPH account. The credit may be used for upcoming services or be applied to an outstanding invoice.

Senior Discounts
PVPH offers a 10% service discount to clients age 65 and older. Senior discounts do not apply to the cost of medications, foods or other products and may not be combined with other discounts the clinic offers. Please provide appropriate proof-of-age if requested by the receptionist.

Military Discounts
PVPH is proud to extend a 10% discount to men and women in active military service and their immediate family members. To qualify, clients need to be on active status, about to be deployed or within 12 months of return from active duty. Discounts do not apply to medications, foods or other products and may not be combined with other discounts the clinic offers.